Friday, September 08, 2006

TGIF again

Well, it's TGIF again. Hope everyone's week has been good. We have had the flu in our house, Lorcan went down on Sunday night and we have been 'at home' all week. No kindy or playgroup, confined to barracks! I've had a loan of the Tim Holtz dvd's and have had a good time watching those and trying to absorb a few tips. Really liked some of the stuff he does and the way he goes about it - my hubby wanted to know how an area which seems truly dominated by women has a bloke making possibly the most money out of it??? it's typical isn't it LOL. Food, fashion, creativity and the blokes get all the fame/money/leadership. I'm toying with the idea of Christmas tags this year - just don't want to make cards and here is my first. Bit grunge as I have used the 'industria' look for the background, can't see the overseas list putting it on their trees lol but it's a start. The key is one I made using France's mould. I usually make cards that have a recent photo of the boys so relatives/friends in Ireland can see how they've grown so o/s ones will probably be 'sweet' (ugh). I have about 40 to make as it's not just the relatives I have to send to my Mum's friends as they have become mine over the years as they always remember us at Christmas including my primary school cookery teacher, Sister Pius - she is 84 now and has my boys photos in her room. Everytime I have gone to Ireland we have to go and see here. Lovely old dear but as sharp as a tac and looks like she is in her sixties. A Nun's live has been kind to her and she was a lovely teacher, fond memories. Can't say that about most of them LOL.

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