Thursday, September 14, 2006

Here are the pics - I hope

Well I keep trying to upload my pics but it just doesn't want to work - maybe too much text lol so keeping it short and sweet, once more with feeling here are pics of art dollies.
Carmel x


Natalie B said...

Such a clever girl you are. I love the buddah. I have not made another doll yet, and probably wont get a chance until Kelsey's next workshop!! LOL. How did you get the wings to stick on the back?? Pritt Power glue!LOL I love this I really do and you are so clever.
Have fun tonight and GO THE DOCKERS!! Even though I'm a weagles fan through and through, like you I want both teams to win (except when they play each other). Big hugs Natxx

carmel said...

As the wings are made from air delight they are soft enough for the needle to go through so I just sewed them on lol, same with face put beads out the top of its head. I love both teams too - it was very exciting to be there and to win as well. Cheers, Carmel x

Julie H said...

I have just read your last couple of posts - what a thrilling day for your son. I love it when peole can treat their kids, by spending time with them. I bet you have made his month, if not year, and it is a shared memory.

The angel dolly is just gorgeous! And I don't think it looks in the least bit grumpy.

I have been having trouble uploading photos too, I think Blogger has had a few issues.

Dotee said...

Oh Carmel

These are just wonderful!!! Can you see you well and truly have the art doll bug!! I love the Buddah too.

That delight air dry clay is the best isn't it??? I have sewn it onto things as well.

Sounds like you gals were well and truly inspired by Kelsey's work shop!

Go the art dollies!

Dotee xoxo