Friday, August 31, 2007

WS Blue

This weeks WS is is so many things, happy/sad/summer/cold/romantic/evil - I like blue, it covers a multitude of emotion. I have a blue kitchen wall, blue checked curtains, blue cushions, blue sheets - wow it's only when I thought about it I realised how much blue! oh well here is my entry for WS. I made it at stamp camp, it was meant to be three ATC's frame style but when I was putting on the backing I decided not to cut it and it became a triptych (sort of). I dropped a little alcohol ink on the transpariency and added the images etc. So the frame is blue and the little stones in the crowns are blue. The old screen icons were very sultry. Hope you've all had a good week? It's Fathers Day on Sunday here in Australia, hope all the Dad's can cope with the 'soggy breakys' LOL. Cheers, Carmel xx

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wednesday Stamper Stitches

It's been a while since I participated in Wednesday Stamper and I just checked in to have a look and saw this challenge - 'stitches'. I don't use a lot of stitches in my work but recently did it twice! for a Mystery Muse and a swap. Here are my pieces with stitches in them, I hope you like them. Cheers, Carmel xx

Friday, August 24, 2007

Time has flown again

Oh dear another month has gone by! well it's been quite busy as I now work three evenings a week and I recently did some extra shifts as we were short a body. Also my youngest was sick in hospital for a few days (all well again) and it took a few days to recover from two nights without sleep of any significance. Hubby was also away and is off again next week so time just flits away and the poor old art room had been ignored. I did manage to complete and send my Mystery Muse, by all accounts Genevieve liked it (yay). Below are a couple of pics, my camera batteries needed recharging and I took these pics with the web cam and I'm not sure why but the words are reversed - web cams must take reversed pics??? anyway you can still see (sort of) what was achieved. Hoping to feel inspired this weekend to create, hope you are too!