Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dropped off the edge of the world

Well it's been two months since I posted anything oops! anyone that used to visit probably thinks I have dropped off the edge of the world but no such luck. Can't really account for the time and I am racking my brains as I sit here but we have just had school holidays so that's two weeks LOL. Anyway I have being doing bits and pieces and here are two. The fabric hanging was for Kylie as her Mystery Muse last month and the canvas is for my very good friend Eileen who had a birthday on Sunday. I have also finished my gothic arch pages and will be posting hopefully tomorrow - not going to post here as I want to wait until I get them back. So it's good to be back! off to a card making session tonight with ten other women, now it can't get much better than that can it??? Hope you are all having a lovely week. Cheers, Carmel xxxx