Wednesday, November 15, 2006

1" squares are finished woo hoo

I know this image looks a bit funny - took the pic upside down to avoid shadows and having to move them - rotated it on the computer and it gave this very odd view - hope noone gets vertigo looking at it. So, I am glad that I have finished another swap. This was fun and whilst it sometimes seemed that I wouldn't get to the end when they are all layed together it's not as 'big' as it seemed. Can't wait to get back the mounted version with a sample of everyone's work - we are all different personalities so it will be something to see what thoughts we have in our heads and have put on card lol. Ok Dotee, in the post very shortly - will just recheck what I have to send you. Love to all, Carmel xx

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Calendar swap

I'm in a calendar swap and as you can see I'm doing the month of May. This seems to have taken ages to get going. I had specific thoghts of what I wanted - mystical May, lots of pagan rituals associated with May - fertility, Goddess worship, maypole dancing, queen of May and it's also my birth month and my grandmothers and great aunt. Actually all three of us were born on the same date, Nana and Hannie a few years apart and me two generations later. I have some celtic style stamps but couldn't seem to get the composition right, as in it looked flat and I wanted depth or it took me soo long to do one I was happy with and could not see being able to do that another eleven times lol. Anyway in the end I put time into creating a background and I loved this image of the girl with blue hues - pagan colour - Bealtaine is the old gaelic word for May and the celebrations surrounding it. I think I'm done but not sure - can't have bulky bellies as there are another eleven months and it's not a 'fat calendar'. It will be hung on the wall/door so it can't stick out too much. Ok two more swaps to complete! deadlines fast approaching and I'm also doing the christmas decoration for the kids at playgroup ahhhhgggg help! Have a lovely day. Love, Carmel xx