Wednesday, November 15, 2006

1" squares are finished woo hoo

I know this image looks a bit funny - took the pic upside down to avoid shadows and having to move them - rotated it on the computer and it gave this very odd view - hope noone gets vertigo looking at it. So, I am glad that I have finished another swap. This was fun and whilst it sometimes seemed that I wouldn't get to the end when they are all layed together it's not as 'big' as it seemed. Can't wait to get back the mounted version with a sample of everyone's work - we are all different personalities so it will be something to see what thoughts we have in our heads and have put on card lol. Ok Dotee, in the post very shortly - will just recheck what I have to send you. Love to all, Carmel xx


Anonymous said...

Looks fabo Carmel. What a huge job, but I'm sure well worth the effort. Keeps you on your toes too, having to think of new things to do for each square. WEll done!


littledawnieno1 said...

Bet the finished project will look smashing.Its always so nice to do a colabrative piece, and your art squares look super.


Julie H said...

Carmel these are amazing!!! I am so looking forward to the finshed piece from this one.

I have so many favourites, the mirror, the Red Head, the never rains but it pours - all of them!

Dotee said...

Yippppeee!!!!! I didn't know you had posted this photo onto your blog so was thrilled to see this.

Thanks so much for taking part. I love all of these and will admire them all very closely when I receive them next week.

Yay for you!!


Holly Stinnett said...

Your squares are fantastic. What a fun project to be a part of. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Carmel, your 1" squares are fantastic. I received my collage today (thanks so much for the gorgeous RED/ORANGE squares). It is fantastic, marvellous, stupendous