Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Another great painting day

As you may have read on Nat's blog we had another day at Sulea's painting! Nat, Ann and Giles joined in and there was many a laugh and quite a few oh ahhs and would you ever stick that on!!! lol Sulea is all organised and had been thinking what she would paint over the previous days - the rest of us were making up as we go along - believe me it's good to have your thought processed worked out! as you will see if you visit Sulea's blog - link on the side.
Anyway here are my efforts: The first one is 'I am a free woman' I like strong women who soar above the trees. And the second, well mmmm the images are from Jan van Eyck's The Arnolfini Marriage but I decided by the look on his face he dumped her! and is gone off to seek other fish. I've updated the conversation with 'Yo Babe, gotta fly, can't stay here, don't know why, don't burn that candle I ain't worth it - are you sure the kid is mine'? One day I may have the process worked out but for now....going with the flow.


Natalie B said...

Goooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrgeous Carmel! I love the way the second collage turned out! Clever you! I still haven't finished mine yet. I just haven't had any time at all.

BIg hugs to you

Dotee said...

Oh,I am getting jealous of these days you have been spending at Sulea's!!! But am very happy for you, and happy for her too.

I am loving seeing what you are creating. The first one is very striking. I think you are one of those strong women who soar over trees!

The colors in the second one are beautifiul (love them). I laughed out loud at your 'conversation'! (you are funny).

Thankyou for sharing your art with us.

Dotee xx

Sulea said...

Carmel, hahaha i love the conversation.. haha it made me laugh. Love how you put the guy outside the window LOL

The reason why i think ahead of what to paint is, i'm dying to paint during the week but can't because i'm so tired after work. So i console myself by sketching or planning lol.


Julie H said...

That first one is just sooooo freeing, love it, love the style and the image.

Holly Stinnett said...

Both of these are absolutely gorgeous. First, I adore mermaids... this piece is stunning and very special. What lovely work! And I love the 2nd one and how even more symbolic you've made it. This is one of my favorite paintings, but you've made it even better!