Friday, September 08, 2006

Painting pics

This area of paperarts was thrust upon me a couple of years back, can't believe how the time has flown. A friend, Eileen decided to go to a cardmaking class being run by another friend from school aka Elaine B and I was dragged along. Up until then I was quite happy going to my folkart class and spending very little money for paint/brushes/boards and the odd magazine. A tube of paint lasts a long time lol. It was such a hoot as I can remember trying with great difficuly to mark up borders for cards and use the cutting mat/knife/bone scorer etc etc oh and a heat gun - what a laugh. Well it went on from there and I have gone on from a trolley full of painting gear to a room full of crafting gear! and the money side has truly gone into orbit - my new credit card came today thank God as the old one is bent and the signature is barely visible! Anyway here a few of my paintings - not very arty subjects at all - mostly acrylics on board or canvas board. Will load others later.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend, going to an artdolly day tomorrow. Should be wonderfull though me and little beads could be interesting - keep the brush and pan handy for all the dropies on the floor.
Carmel xx


Natalie B said...

Carmel carmel carmel!! You totally blow me away with your talent. But I think I've raved on to you about that before, so I'll cut to the point my dear.....THESE ARE ALL SO FAB and even better in the "flesh". Honestly when I first saw the giraffe pic, i thought it was a photograph, not a painting. Then when you told me you had done it, I was like like like flabergasted sweetie. just flabergasted (I dont think that's the right spelling).

See you tom, am so excited about dolly day at Kelsey's...
Big hugs Natxx

Dotee said...

Wow Carmel!!!! Nat and Dawnie told me you about your painting. And how talented you are. Now I see some of your painting art at last! The giraffe looks so real and I would love to see it in real life.

Have a great dolly day at Kelsey's tomorrow! I'm jealous!


Dot xx

Julie H said...

Hi Carmel

What great pictures, the Giraffe is so beautiful and the lady so serene. You are soooo talented.

Love the tag idea too. I was telling some ladies today that Hallmark had sold us on folding greating cards - there were a lot of other ways to send greetings.


Sulea said...

*gasp* AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! wow.. i have always always loved folk art. i especially love the lady and the giraffe. wow.... your paintings are so good. :o)