Sunday, September 17, 2006

Having a go...

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend? I had a pretty good one - Go the Dockers and the Eagles - the game on Friday was sooooo exciting, Taidgh and I had a wonderful time. Saturday was interesting! a very close friend's sister runs a Spiritualist Church and they held a fundraiser. It was a Victorianna evening in that we had to 'dress up' and had a very Victorian supper. We also sang old old songs like Beautiful Dreamer/After The Ball is Over/Molly Malone etc etc - I knew lots!! there was also then a Mediumship demonstration which I had never wittnessed before except on the telly. This you took on, depending on your beliefs, but it was interesting and some people were very moved by their experiences. After that it there was dancing and the music moved a few decades into the 80's and beyond. It was a great night and being out with good friends is always time well spent. On Sunday I drove over to Sulea's and we had a little play...and here is the result - I only managed one piece as we talked alot! and it was wonderful to see Sulea's work in the flesh. I really enjoyed painting this way as it is so different from what I usually do and would like to combine the two styles as I love the texture ...and the mess lol. Once Lorcan was in bed I was into it again for the rest of the evening - phew what a weekend! it was a good one. Cheers, Carmel xx

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