Thursday, September 14, 2006

Go the Dockers

It's yet another Friday yipeee....had an impulsive thought today. I was listening to the news and they said that there were still tickets available for the Dockers game tonight and I said to DH pity you are so sick you could take No. 1 son Taidgh to the game tonight and DH said why don't you go? and I said why not indeed? I love the big sporting events and to actually go to a 'final' is pretty special. I would say my first love is rubgy union having been brought up on it in Ireland and I am even wearing my Munster European Cup winners 2006 tshirt today but I do also love the footy and can even say I am both an Eagles and Dockers fan as I love to see them both succeed. Have a soft spot for Dockers as they are the underdogs. So, just got Taidgh out of school, he had no idea he was going anywhere! it's exciting to leave school early and we had a big day yesterday as it was the school sports day He came 2nd in his race and got a few 1sts in team events and his faction won the school shield for the first time in 18 years!!!! so's big when you are in year 6 and not always been the most sporty kid or picked to be in teams etc. The biggest buzz was that not only could you get tickets online but you can have said tickets sent via email and you print them out WOW I didn't know that - fold the page into a ticket complete with barcode - no queues! or waiting for post - well couldn't post as game is on tonight lol

Well - here are the pics of my doll that I managed to complete at Kelsey's last Sat. Nat has the group shot of all the dolls on her blog here so I won't repeat - not sure where I put it lol. I took another shot of mine and I have since made a second doll - buddha angel, though I don't think she looks very benevolent lol a bit like ' you had better been good cause I'm comin' to collect what's due baby' . It was such a fun day and Kelsey's stuff is unbelievable! she is so talented and so generous and we all love her to bits. I want more play days with you girlies as I learn heaps and have so much fun and our friendships get a little deeper each time - with no family here friends are of immense importance as they are my family.

Well, hope you all have a blast this weekend, take care of yourselves.

Carmel xoxoxoxo

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