Thursday, October 12, 2006


This is my Opheila - quite by accident! a combination of acrylics and oil pastel on watercolour paper applied with the old credit card, everything is scraped on (mostly) and that good old finger lol. Once I had some sky and what looked like water to me it had to have Opheila. She was so tragic, driven mad by a man who couldn't committ! have a nice print of her getting ready for the river in my bathroom (can't remember the artist). I was trying to focus on my calendar swap but it just went this way instead - note to self 'focus'. Having a quiet day at home, Tim had a day off work and has taken the boys 'out'. I have just finished watching Memoirs of a Geisha wrapped in a blanket with coffee and 1 (only 1) TimTam! it's a lovely movie and I really enjoyed the book (obviously more detail in the book) now I feel I should 'do' something and it's not ironing lol - shower, wash my hair and oh yes the calendar swap. Hope you are having a lovely day as well. Love, Carmel xx


Natalie B said...

WOW this is great Carmel. I love the way it all just flows for you. Also that you can draw. What was it about slapping people who are talented! Big hugs and glad you got a day to your own.

Dotee said...

This is fabulous Carmel! Love the colors you have used. Sounds you had a good day on your own. Well done only having 1 tim tam (I would have devoured the packet lol).

I really enjoyed Memoirs of a Geisha too.

Dot xx

Sam said...

Carmel, Carmel, Carmel. You are so talented and such an inspiration!

From your biggest fan! LOL

Sam :o) xx

SombraKnight said...

That's a beautiful painting.

I also enjoyed Memoirs. It was a really good movie.

Leni said...