Sunday, March 18, 2007

More Yummy Post

I just wanted to share another beautiful piece art which I received the other day. It's from my Mystery Muser, which I can now reveal as the lovely Julie H - a gorgeous hard cover journal. Julie lives in a beautiful place way down south called Albany, it had dramatic coastline which reminds me a lot of Ireland and it's hilly, rugged and a bit wild. The cover reminds me of birds on the beach foraging for food and each page inside had a stamped bird on it. I love it Julie, thank you for making it just for me. I love the Mystery Muser as you get to make something for someone each month and it's lovely to think about the person and make them something you know they will love or challenge them with something outside their interests. Hope you all have a lovely day - would someone please tell Perth that Summer is officially over! way tired of hot weather - sorry Nat I know it's hotter up your way lol. Cheers, Carmel xxx


Natalie B said...

Hi Carmel,,,, this is gorgeous :-) Yum yum... I also received somehting yummy from you today in the mail, which I'll blog about in a mo. THANK YOU so much my friend. Love it!! YOu are just too talented.... see ya and big hugs Natxx

Sulea said...

Carmel... what lovely mail!!! i'm writing this from work (lunch time)... will email you when i get back regarding some painting time!!! Would love to organize something! :o)

kelsey said...

Lucky you to get something from the very talented Julie H! What a beautiful journal and what a great idea to do a stamp on each page. See you soon!

Julie H said...

Hi Carmel

I just made time to catch up on your blog. Love, love, love the pendants - wish you were one of my school Mums. And thank you for the soldering tips too.

Nat's canvas is deluxe - lucky you.