Thursday, March 01, 2007

Another day on the blog

Had a really good time catching up with girlies last night down in Freo (Fremantle). A number of the girls are attending the Art Retreat over the weekend so we had a dinner catch up notably Julie and Sally who have come from down South. More catching up tonight with girls at Stamping at Jan's so a really good finish to the week. Making the most of it as hubby is going to a two day tournament on Sun/Mon so it's me and the kids. Sitting here and the house is completely silent as Lorcan is at kindy for the whole day, it's weird not hearing 'mum'. I didn't have this experience with Taidgh as I was working fulltime back then.

Anyway here is another canvas, yes it's a bit similar to the other but this was started first. I liked the background to I did the birthday in the same vein so I didn't have to extend my brain re the colour combos. I took Nat's left/right brain quiz and it said I was 15% left brain and 85% right brain - now it's nice to be told you have creative tendencies but whoa what it really shows is that I can't walk in a straight line and why I'm tuned out alot lol and why I intend to plan but it doesn't happen (much) - I'm truly the 'last minute wonder' - oh well now I know.


Natalie B said...

Love it! Love the colours and the composition...stunning. Lucky you catching up with the girlies last night. Bet it was a blast!


littledawnieno1 said...

Beautiful Carmel.It scanned a treat.So true to colour.Jane loved it so much.No clue to whom.
Great art my lovely, I love it all.
Have a great weekend, and its been super catching up.

Love this canvas

D xxx

Julie H said...

I saw this at SAJ and wondered who made it! Just beautiful - love the colours, the raised tile - the whole lot.

Emma in Canada said...

Just took a quick peek at your blog and wanted to say your stuff is gorgeous!

Rein said...

This is pretty!