Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I Love my Postie

Have you seen those Australia Post adverts about each day of the week and what usually happens on that day? quite clever - well Thursdays are my 'at home' day. Chuck on a bit of washing so we're not up to our eyes on the weekend and maybe even a little ironing, just a little lol - well this Thursday was pretty much following it's atypical pattern when there was a very masculine knock at the door and lo and behold there he was.....the new postie! I have to say it's a new younger model in his 'fitted' postal uniform lol and there I was with unwashed hair, daggy shorts and tee-shirt but I didn't give him a second to be able to recognise me in a line up as I grabbed the parcel and shut the door. A parcel usually can only mean one thing to me - ART GOODIES and oh yeah I was not to be disappointed! drum roll please.....see above the beautiful work of art which I received today. What a talented lady Ms Natalie B is!! this is Nat's 'Portrait of a Lady' canvas, it's got texture paste and the wax gives it a velvety feel and the overall composition if a serene lady in thoughtful repose. I also got Natty's 'Paris Night's' card which is also a stunning piece of work. So you see why I love my new Postie? and why I desire his return he he. Thank you Nat for this beautiful gift, fabulous work girlie.
Hugs to everyone I'm so happy.
Carmel xx


Natalie B said...

So glad you got them!! and more importantly like them. :-)

Hugs nat

Nancy Maxwell James said...

beautiful pieces!

kelsey said...

Doesn't Nat do just fantastic pieces! Lucky girl you are and double lucky that you have a cute postie to deliver too! lol