Monday, August 07, 2006

Memoirs of a Census Officer

Well, have not been on for a bit due to the fact I signed up to be a Census Officer! there I was thinking -' nice little bit of play money' I can tell you that money does not pay you to visit 350 houses and say the same thing over and over again. Or try to convince people to do it online, I can't believe how many people are afraid of their own computer!! haven't heard of one biting yet - On the subject of biting (a few people know this already) in the course of my duty as CO I was attacked and bitten on the ankle by a fairly large dog, which also goes a long way as to why I am 'over it'. I could not do this as a permanent thing. I have met loads of lovely people and have been told lots of stories but it's also been sad to see so many lonely people (especially the elderly). But I have met a few mongerels as well. My other dramas include, being locked into a property by a faulty electronic gate and had to be rescued by a neighbour (no one home), got out of the car and whilst scanning for dogs nearly bumped into a huge ram; had a loose horse gallop by the car and block the exit gate; one very racist old man ramble on and on and have been smelt by at least 400 dogs - sometimes 3 at a time - so if you ever think that you might do this - DON'T - I am also completly exhausted as physically it was/is pretty hard - when you do it for 6/8 hours at a time. Oh well only the collection phase to look forward to! I have 'sold' the online census so much I think I could sell icebergs in Antartica and have reduced my callbacks quite a bit and hopefully more will roll in. It's been so full on I have not had any time to 'play' though I worked by rear end off and took Saturday off to go to the craft fair in Claremont. Had a great time as I met quite a few bods from Stampgropers etc and the stalls weren't too bad either. The Thread Studio was the best for me and was very happy to pick up some stamps and attend one of their workshops - embossed velvet tag book. I also learnt a new technique from Jeanette at the Stamp Trap and tried it out Sat night - see microscope slideholder - which I have done for my Mystery Muse shhh this is late! but I know she will be cool with that. I like this effect as it looks like it is lit up. How to??? well Jeanette used 'window plastic' (aceate) but I used glass microscope slide - stamp (stazon) images on glass and on the other side drag ink pad (ancient page) to colour (could use alcohol inks?) then drizzel diamond glaze and smear, sprinkle white glitter and let it dry (heat gun but very carefully) then highlight areas with gold crylon pen, then drizzel more diamond glaze and get some tinfoil, crush it up and flatten (not smooth) and stick on the back and trim. Jeanette layered onto gloss card for mounting on a card if you used aceate but as you can see I glued it into the slideholder. What do you think - made a couple of others in different colour backgrounds but the foil lights it up - kind of fake alcohol inks/foiling??? So pass on the message - do your Census online and save your CO the callback - not getting paid enough to be smelt/bitten/or spoken to as if you are an ASIO agent. Cheers, Carmel xoxoxo

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Carmel gorgeous work....Nat