Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It's Finally Over

Well you'll be please to know that the census is finally over for me anyway - handed in my books/paperwork and id card woohoo! only some more money to come and that I don't mind. I will also now stop talking about it aswell!!! now back to some playtime in my room. I am finding collage really hard at the moment, maybe I'm thinking too much about it or looking at too many books/mags as I then don't want to do what they have done. I love backgounds but then find it hard to cover them. I spent Sunday playing with some big puzzle pieces and only managed to complete one for a Mystery Muse and the other is on the desk, background created and an image ready but can't cover the rest and yet one image doesn't seem enough. Where will it end?? can see lots of things in my head before I go to sleep but at the desk I get lost. Oh well, hope some of you guys are going to ATC3 on Sat??? great to catch up and have a whole day/night to play - now to pack.....

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