Monday, August 28, 2006

Good Mail Day

Just wanted to share the great mail day! got the most beautiful art doll today from my Mystery Muse - could hazzard a guess at it's creator but will wait until she is revealed at the end of the month. I just love her - Census is her name in honour of my recent memoirs! I am so pleased to have a dolly - it's been a long time since I had a dolly of my own - only have boys so dolls are not seen in this house once the toddler years are over. Though Lorcan spent a lot of time last week playing with the baby dolls at playgroup.
It was also a great weekend as I went to ATC #3 Continumn - what a blast! fabo bunch of girls and lots of ohhing and ahhing over other people's work - great demos from Julie and Kelsey. I even made 9 ATC's and one 'industria' piece, which I have yet to scan - will do so shortly. I also managed to spend some money on yummy Collections bits and got some German Scrap and Twinkling H2O's via Jen. Julie was as generous as usual, we all got a great kit of Collections items and a piece of rubber in a lovely tin and they was a few freebie bits as well. In all a huge day/night and I was well and truly knackered the next day, even had to have a nana nap in the afternoon! Roll on Friday as it will will Stamping at Jan's and we can have a debrief - ain't live grand!


Dotee said...

Hi Carmel
Oooh, this art dollie is gorgeous isn't it? I have a fairly good idea who made it too. All will be revealed at the of the month.
We all need our art dollies!
The ATC Continumn sounds like blast. Look forward to seeing some of the art you have created there.
SAJ will be lots of fun with all of you sharing your art!!

Sulea said...

hi Carmel,

Thanks for visiting my blog. Wow what a gorgeous dollie! you're so lucky! :)


One Crabapple said...

oh what a great art doll !