Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What a week!

Well, it full throttle this week. Started with Mother's Day, ah the little darlings were wonderful! breaky and newspaper in bed, mind you Lorcan and Taidgh 'shared' my scrambled eggs/toast!! Taidgh went mad at the Mum's Day stall at school so I have a collection of candles and a pewter fairy and a U2 DVD from Hubby.

Next cab off the rank was Tim's 50th birthday on Wed. He had to go to work as he had to put on morning tea, but he got a big surprise as he got a few pressies and there was even a speech! when he came home we had balloons and a cake and we went out for tea. A proper 'party' is in the planning stage! His big pressie was a new monitor, all 22 inches of it lol, widescreen panel - the big bonus is I get to use it too he he. I did make him a card but.

On the same day as Tim was a friends birthday, Penny. I painted this for Penny who had had a tough year dealing with a serious illness. She is currently in remission and living life to the full. Her coping abilities are amazing and she is doing everything she can to maintain her health. Penny is hugely into yoga and meditation and this painting is for her 'alter' - depicts the chakras but don't ask me to explain it to you

Hey, the week ain't over yet! another very good friend is having a birthday on Sat. Sue is one of my dearest friends, we can talk for hours! Sue is the best person to go partying with, laughing and dancing are big on her agenda and chuck in a few drinkies too! for support in a crisis, Sue's your woman, Suzie Wong, love ya babe xx - I painted this for Sue today, pity I didn't do it yesterday and I would have made Wed. Stamper lol - never mind. Sue loves the ocean/mermaids hence this pic. We went to an exhibition on Friday, Sue's friend Carol Clitheroe is an artist who lives in Rockingham (doesn't have a web sorry) she does amazing paintings and scultures of mermaids/ocean, landscapes - about 60% of the exhibition was sold in the first couple of hours! I can't afford to buy Sue one of Carol's and I certainly can't paint like Carol but hopefully she will like my 'version'. Happy Birthday Sue.

So, that's my week thus far! still have to make cards for the girls and go to work tonight (got a job at the local tavern) figured I need to start paying for my stamp habit lol - still Friday to go and if not working going to a friends house for dinner and have some girlie time. Hope you all have a lovely week whatever you are doing. Cheers, Carmel xxxx


Natalie B said...

Wow WOw WOw Carmel. I wish I could paint like you! Fabulous, love the 2 painting, but especially teh one for Penny. Really speaks to me that one and I know nothing about Chakras. Love the MD pic of the boys on your bed. Very sweet.

Woohoo on your job too. Yeah gotta work to pay for our habit (ahem I mean hobby!!). Natxx

Dawnie said...

Super stuff here Carmel.the mermaid is just amazing.really love this one. Has a story feel to it( you know all the mermaids live very interesting lives so next time will you think of adding a blurb about her life, I need to know more)lol.
You have captured her beautifully.
Bet Sue will just adore it.
Looks like you had a great mothers day too, and dont you deserve it.
Thanks for sharing

Dawnie xxx

Julie H said...

Beautiful Carmel. I am sop pleased you were spoiled for Mother's day. The mermaid is deluxe.

Frances Brennan said...

Hi Carmel. What a joyful site you have. really loved browsing and looking at your masterpieces.I printed off the pics for your Mum of mothers day and b'day so she will display them with pride!
Greetings from Limerick!
Frances Brennan.

Sulea said...

Carmel, AWESOME chakra painting!!!! Just love what you have done with the luminous being against the dark background. Your latest artworks have been amazing!

Jacky said...

Carmel your art is amazing! Love these two paintings, especially the mermaid.
Was lovely to finally meet you (and your partner in art-crime, Sulea)at the Art Retreat. Your paintings are inspirational.

Horslips said...

Hello Carmel,I just droped in to admire your work. Super work Carmel thanks for you Christmas card it's on the tree with all you other ones.

Best 73's and 88