Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More Musing

I did this piece about a month ago for Mystery Muse but I didn't get to catch up with it's recipient, Ms. Dawn until last Friday at Jan's. It was too bulky/fragile for the post. Just a little play, de Mengish colours? but I used a collections frame, acetate, krafty lady wings and a polymer lady which I took a mould of from a brooch of mine. The rest is old rusted bottle tops and an old pair of earrings, and a bird with a bottle top nest. It does have a little light show inside which is a set of led's from a flashing angle earring. So it's layers of paint, texture paste, stamps and perfect pearls. It was fun as it just evolved with the frame and an idea of a goddess. Anyway, Ms Dawn says she likes it and that is what matters. It's great when someone gets what you do. Thanks for the pics Dawn, I took some but yours have come out pretty clearly. It's Mother's Day here in Australia on Sunday, wishing all Mum's a lovely lie in and hopefully a breakky you can eat LOL. Hugs, Carmel xxx


Sulea said...

WOAHHHH Carmel.. this is just gorgeous! What a clever idea with the squashed bottle tops.. i bet it is even more amazing in real life!!! :o)

kelsey said...

I'm so glad Carmel that I got to see this in the flesh on Friday night at SAJ''s truly a work of art! Absolutely wonderful use of all things rusty and the brooch that you used for the mold is fantastic!