Sunday, December 10, 2006

Yummy mail

Check out this yummy mail - top left is a post-it-note holder from my Mystery Muser - will find out who made this at the end of the month. The other three are ATC's from a Winner Takes All draw that I won on a group based in the states, Altered Art Obsession - top right is a polymer clay beauty from Pearl Moon and the bottom two beauties are from Julie Hetherington down South - others coming from the States in due course - I'm feeling sooooo lucky as this is the second WTA that I have 'won' other one is from a group here in WA, Callingallstampers - must post those for you to see. Also starting to get Christmas post from Ireland - I have sent my 40 or so cards already so now I'm on the receiving end. Friends relatives and my mum's friends including my primary school cookery teacher, Sr. Pius who is now 86 years old but we still exchange cards. Whilst it's hard getting it all together I do love getting all the cards from Ireland. Carmel xx

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