Sunday, December 10, 2006

More bits

I have just finished making/sending charms for a charm swap and this spurred me on to make something else lol - the necklace, well I saw something similar in a shop for bigs dollars and thought 'yeah I can do that' (well hopefully) some of the buttons belonged to Tim's Mum and are 40 years old and some came from a friends Mum - both Mum's have passed away so it's nice that they are no longer sitting in a tin. They are quite comfortable to wear and lots of people have commented on them, I added some vintage pics to make them different from the ones in the shop - they used 'new' buttons all the same colour but I like my variety and you can wear it with different colour tops. They earings well had two bits left over so it had to be a pair of eargings - I'm glad I am picking up my new reading glasses tomorrow as it was so hard to thread the needle - the closer stuff is the more blurry it is lol. Might make some more, a friend tells me she has two huges jars of buttons so we might have a buttone necklace day, bring it on. Hugs, Carmel xx


julieh7 said...

I love this idea Carmel. I have used buttons on one of my charm models - aagh, I have to decide soon or I will be late for myown swap!

Your necklace is wonderful, so much more character than the bought ones and absolutely OOAK. I am sure it looks great on.

Natalie B said...

Hi Carmel, great to see some more of your work! Love your stuff. Cool idea with the buttons, would love you to show me how you did the stitching! Love the earing... way way cool. big hugs natxx

crafty said...

hey there, my sisters in Perth and my BIL in Dingle Ireland.
will you be listing the free art meme? if so would love to participate to make in international

Dotee said...

What a great way of making a original necklace!
Love the earrings too.

Sulea said...

Oh Carmel.. What a fantastic idea.. i am also curious as to how you stitched them all together.. so cool... and the earings are so vintage! I have some earring hooks somewhere.. one of these days... lol


dogfaeriex5 said...

love the earrings and the button necklace, i collect buttons and you never know what you can do with them....

littledawnieno1 said...

Come on woman !

Update your blogger and stop keeping all the art to yourself.

Love ya girlie

Dawn xxx