Thursday, July 20, 2006

what a great day

It's been a good old day, surviving the second week of the school holidays. Had some good friends over for lunch today with kids in tow - it was loud and they seemed to move in a blur, imagine if we as adults all moved like kids??? how do we loose that energy.

Here are some pics of work I completed recently. Love backgrounds and texture. These are based on a technique by Trish Bayley and include 'glad wrap/tissue/masking tape/gauze'.

Oh the rain has come to Perth! the garden has been gasping for a drink.


Natalie B said...

Yay for you Carmel. Love this work as you know from today!!


Dotee said...

Hi there Carmel

Lovely to see some of your art.
Very, very nice.

Welcome to the land of blogging!

Dot :)

Julie H said...

Hi Carmel,

Love your work! This is just gorgeous! Will be checking in on you regularly.

Hugs, Julie

Rosa said...

Wow. Beautiful.