Sunday, July 23, 2006

Cool Weekend

Well the weekend is almost over... and only one more day of school holidays! of course all the ironing is left to the last day but this is completely normal and I know is replicated everywhere (will keep telling myself that!). It's been quite hetic had visitors Thurs and Fri therefore had to do housework both days, now that's not normal! and a Stampin Up demo Fri night and of course I had to buy a stamp. Sat. I took Lorcan (3.5yrs) for a long bike ride while Tim and Taidgh went to the movies, my rear end was quite sore even though we were on flat road but it was lovely. Sat night I finished this piece - used my Collections Tile/frame set. It's for a very good friend, Ruth, who was very kind to me a few weeks ago and took me to the Human Nature concert where we had a ball. As she wouldn't let me pay for the ticket I decided to make her 'something'. I have mounted it onto a woven table mat and I will get or make a timber frame for it. Some of the images will mean specific things to Ruth. Hope she likes it.


littledawnieno1 said...

How lovely for you to be taken out by Ruth.Lucky you, and lucky Ruth to receive this handmade gift for a thankyou.
Im sure she will treasure this beautiful piece forever,as both of you will treasure the memory of being together at the concert.
Aint life grand!
Love your art Carmel love ya girl

Dawn xxx

Dotee said...

You have such an eye for color Carmel. These pages are absolutely gorgeous!