Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I can't believe.....

Well, Oct 07 to May 08 without an entry....pretty slack indeed. Been reading other blogs just not putting anything on my own! Need to get back on the horse so here goes....A few weeks ago I got the most beautiful piece of art in the mail, now I did acknowledge the arrival by ringing the lovely Nat on the phone and brought it to Jan's to show but didn't do anything on le blog or elsewhere. The lovely Nat and I are trading a one for one item and yes Nat my piece is almost on the way to you!!! but lay your eyes on this beautiful piece. I love the colours and the way you used the paint to depict the flowers. I was totally blown away when this arrived and love looking at it every day. This pic doesn't do it justice, getting used to a new camera.

The last few months I have been playing with wire and learning some jewellery techniques, not much if anything done with ink/paint etc. Have participated in Julie's altered spoon swap which should be here any day now and also doing Nat's canvas niche swap so getting back into paint! Here are a few bits of jewellery. Some pics are terrible as I have done the wrong thing and photographed using a black background...but have not got round to doing it again. This is just a small sample of what I've been doing and some have gone and not recorded!

So here goes, will try to keep blogging! if anyone remembers I'm even here LOL.


Carmel xx


Anonymous said...

Great to see a post and some new pics! See...some of us do lurk and check it all out occasionally :-)
Thanks for stopping by at the fair and saying Hi.

Ev said...

gosh, popped in expecting the usual entry and I find this one. I do love those colours Nat has used. I also love your wire work, though it is much better viewed IRL than the pictures.

Dawnie said...

What a fantastic post ! Good things come to those that wait.
A feast for the eyes I must say and your wire work, DIVINE .

Hug ya
Me xxx