Monday, February 12, 2007

Art Post this time

Well, I've been told to post some art! well here tis but it's not exactly new lol. Ok, the canvas was/is for Sharynne for Mystery Muse - don't worry she has already seen it but left it with me so I could scan - mind you the scan isn't great due to it being lumpy and a photo was hard as it had shiny bits and with a flash was a disaster and without, too dark. Now that nice staining on the guys face was done very artistically and don't know if I should share said technique, but as you are friends, here goes!! pour dimensional magic on and when you come back to see if it's dry - voila - staining LOL - just bled through to the ink underneath - but I like it!!

Few weeks ago Nic and I played with Kelsey's soot tech - seeing that it was accompanied by drinkies we did AOK! here are a few samples - we tried different types of paper. Gloss was the best of course but cheap photographic paper was pretty good and I had a matt coated paper and this turned out pretty good too, obviously matt but had a very soft look/feel to it.
So, there you go, a little bit of art - have done and posted my canvas for the altered canvas round robin but we can't share them at this stage. And actually have a couple of things lined up to do! Hope you are all having a good week. We now have sniffles at our house, both boys. I am hoping that Taidgh will be right for camp next week in Albany - look out Julie the Byford boys are coming to town LOL. Cheers, Carmel xx


Natalie B said...

Yay some art!! Well done Carmel... Love your soot ATC's!! They are all fantastic. Think sometimes I do my best work when I have a few drinkies under my belt! Love the MM gift too. and the staining is perfect!! LOL

littledawnieno1 said...

SOOO glad that the peer group pressure did the trick. lol

Lovin the art here my love.That canvas is just SUPER.Lucky Sharyn. Love that artistic touch.
Your ATC's are pretty damm flash and would love to swap the 'journey' one.
Pretty please ????
Love the colours on that one.

Hope we see your art here again soon ( nothing like keeping the pressure on )

Three cheers for Carmel for being such a great girlie !
Your such good value HE-HE

luv ya

carmel said...

oh Dawine, would love to swap with you as I have oogling the new bits (any bits actually) on your blog so it's a deal LOL really LOL hugs, Carmel xx and yes Nat I find drinkies or under a time pressure I do my best work he he xxx

Julie H said...

WooHoo - where are they staying? The weather has been perfect, clear and warm but not sunburn hot - I do hope it continues for them.

Love the canvas - and the happy accident - it is wonderful!

Jen Crossley said...

WOW these are beautiful great job
love the canvas